memoirs of a masochist

You say it hurts to be this way, let me see your pain.

You say the cut was just as deep, let me see  you bleed.

Deaf to your screams. Blind to your pain. Numb to your torment.

Addicted to tears, my melancholy masterpiece.

Anguish relentless, the dagger turns.

Cold and ashen indifference.

To the fear. To the wound. To the burn.



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About melfunktion

Love child of a lover & a thinker, elegantly flawed, anti-socialite, curious, purveyor of Africanism, a life seeped in music, unashamed soliloquist, androgynous feminist, always dancing on the inside, flowers in hair, heart on sleeve, breathe to create, create to breathe, perpetual goofball, graceful klutz, stars & scars, beats & bars, just a human, being.

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