slay a nay sayer

Sock it to the man, lyrical sucker punch in the face;
Darwin had it planned, divide and conquer the weaker race.

Preserved in caves, centennial paper trails;
Labyrinths of art and long lost holy grails.

Sacred ochre stirs in the hearts of our boabab souls;
Conjuring ancient ghosts and black magic ghouls.

A tribe, a collective Hercules;
Sustain all strength to the powers that be.

For we, who is you and is me;
Glorious parts of a gregarious whole.

Community powered by verbal spears and hero seers;
Global warriors birthed, bred, unearthed, fearlessly led.

Ethereal blood lines, design our fate eternal;
We take up arms to those who deny us our destiny.

Slay a nay sayer.

GREATNESS. The cave in which we’re born to be.



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