(mel)ancholy and the infinite midnights

She misses when sobriety were a novelty;
Clear thoughts were her playground, see cause her reality;

Week in, weak out, month in, year out her smile, her frown, no one ever knew what they were about.

She was Cape Town cool, Coney Island fine;
Shooting the breeze with her steeze and a Kalashnikov of the divine.

Untamed, unconsequence, the bond which broke the suitor’s mack;
She saw religion in his eyes, he felt her words, it brought him back.

Cyber meditation, a faceless congregation of affections unspoken, unexplored yet devoured.

Time soaked parallelograms, split screen lives, synced souls.

She only smiles at midnight, the dwelling place of smitten fools.

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About melfunktion

Love child of a lover & a thinker, elegantly flawed, anti-socialite, curious, purveyor of Africanism, a life seeped in music, unashamed soliloquist, androgynous feminist, always dancing on the inside, flowers in hair, heart on sleeve, breathe to create, create to breathe, perpetual goofball, graceful klutz, stars & scars, beats & bars, just a human, being.

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