noon in the garden of love & silence.

The length and the depth of me in which I see you dwell;
My frangipani glow.

Our love blooms like winter tea roses,
Desire burns like dandelion flames,
Rooted in the soil of our souls.

Untouched by the elements, undaunted by weeds of indiscretion,
Nourished our star crossed beings.

In the place where I am happiest and saddest, the place I am alive , earth sprung arum lillies thrive.

Flora watered by kindreds seas apart,
Light seeps from one linked celestial heart.


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About melfunktion

Love child of a lover & a thinker, elegantly flawed, anti-socialite, curious, purveyor of Africanism, a life seeped in music, unashamed soliloquist, androgynous feminist, always dancing on the inside, flowers in hair, heart on sleeve, breathe to create, create to breathe, perpetual goofball, graceful klutz, stars & scars, beats & bars, just a human, being.

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