mad about the girl: fashion’s new paparazzi

Since Susie Bubble and Garance Dore started their blogs, Style Bubble and A Girl Like Me, back in 2006, street style photography has “become an industry in itself,” so said Lau at this afternoon’s Mad About The Girl talk at the Vogue Festival in association with Vertu. The duo were joined by style maven Anna Dello Russo who rather than compare it to its own industry described it as being the “new paparazzi” and “a new way to look at fashion”.

But it was a new way that came from humble beginnings. “I was just a girl in my bedroom in Finchley,” recalled Lau, who started her blog to express her own personal take on fashion. “I never set out to create a media platform or a publishing thing,” she said, pointing out that, back then, posting a photo of herself in an outfit seemed “really novel”. In this sense her success, she says, was down to timing.

Meanwhile Dore started her blog as a personal diary. “It was a way for me to research my own style. I just wanted to shoot things that inspired me. I’ve never really thought of myself as a street style photographer,” she explained.

Dello Russo’s story started in Southern Italy where it was her father’s encouragement that enabled her to find her fashion feet and eventually play the ultimate game of dress up – one member of today’s audience had gone so far as to design her a dress, which Russo graciously accepted. “I told my father I had to work in fashion otherwise I’d be sick,” she revealed, dressed today head-to-toe in Saint Laurent.

But the overriding theme of the discussion was the internet and how street style blogs now dictate the trends – from designers’ moodboards peppered with their images for inspiration, to the importance of having bright and colourful photographs to click onto on screen.

Their advice for aspiring bloggers? “Original voice is so much more important than when I started. It’s so much harder to stand out,” offered Lau. “Do something you really believe in, it’s all about being very natural,” added Dore.

(Jessica Bumpus – Vogue UK; photo: Darren Gerrish)



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