writing ha:-)bits by philo ikonya

“Tap into the music in your soul. In your life. 

Habit is not dullness… 

Inspiration and dullness do not usually go together. And with sorrow does not often meet.

You can have profound poetic inspiration from sorrow but there is a certain power in that.  

Squeeze that sorrow to the end. Always a  certain sweetness is distilled from not running away from effort. Pain and struggle to keep working inspite of the odds… 

Pata pata.. This is the rhythm of inspiration. Inspiration hides in ideas, in places, in musical sounds, in your smile. 

Go! go! go! Ha:-)bits!

It is a sweeping energy that has landed you here to the practical bits! The journey of the ha:-bits of a writer has just began. I remember words and the feelings I had for them come back. Habit. It was not inviting, so I write it with a :-). Some teachers always made you feel its weight you see. 

Here we are positive! Journeys.. there are so many types. Have you already seen unusual ones on this page? Writing is a journey. Sometimes so lonely. But…

Connected. You are flowing. If not, you are searching. … the search is part of the flow. Here we learn to love our inspiration, to value our words. To write and treasure. Every instance here is poetic and  inspirational. Even the painful ones. 

Welcome. Everything here is artistic. A time has come when everything you write, even that Short Text Message is flying. 
Here learning is part of breathing. Your writing is not an experiment. Make it real. 

Find your voice in writing. Write your soul out. Engage passionately with a difficult thing that you love – writing.

But this bird of paradise…

She is still unfolding her bud. She is ever unfolding. My living motto. Reaching out to something else. You think it is the sun? Her journey from a seed to a bird of paradise. A flower. Sterlitzia Regina growing outside my flat in Nairobi, Kenya. 

I stared at it in a moment of promised peace. Kenya was burning. People dying in 2007. I was flowing with pain. I still am. 

 This bird of her world. A place she finds time easier to live with. A place where sometimes her entire self finds a magical space but practical with a desk and hours of work. The passing of a second and the coming of a season.
 At first I could not write. Then the dam burst. I wrote Kenya, Will you marry me? Langaa Publishers, Cameroon. 2011

This bird of paradise flower and all movement is hardly visible at first. “The first step of a journey is in your mind” (said by..Philo Ikonya, 2011)

Every word you write, every page you fill, every line you touch, each book you make is you. Every book has its own journey…Its first home is in your mind, its womb. Please let it live.
Confidence- Don’t ever doubt yourself! ”

(Excerpt from her site philoikonya.com)

the expressive nature of her words. Too dope.

May inspiration find all those who read this.





One thought on “writing ha:-)bits by philo ikonya

  1. Hi, Philo,

    Thank you for the inspirational messages and captivating poetry! Keep up the good Spirit.
    Author Karanja wa Kang’ethe

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