the rodnik band teams up with peanuts

The famous, beloved comic strip Peanuts has collaborated with Brit label The Rodnik Band, who have designed a playful, cool, grungy capsule collection featuring Charlie Brown, the star of the show, Snoopy and their entourage.

According to The Rodnik Band designer and creative director, Philip Colbert, the Peanuts office in the UK had been following their designs for the past few seasons and contacted them with the suggestion of a partnership.

“They are such cute, varied, philosophical characters with a profound sense of humour – it’s amazingly light, yet very deep” he gushed.

The Rodnik Band, a UK based women’s wear label, has it’s roots in pop culture and it’s essence is sprinkled with fun, whimsy and “surreal sensibility” as described by Vogue UK.

Their collections exhibit splashes of bold colour, pop art prints and quirky, intelligent glamour.

What a clever way to immortalise such iconic figures from our childhood, making them relevant in the 21st Century. Now we too, can wear Snoopy on our chests.

(By MJ; images – Vogue UK)




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