south african brandy cocktail of the year: the fynbos (recipe)

The Fynbos

This trend-forward brandy based cocktail ticks all the boxes: it looks and tastes delicious; it’s easy to mix and made with easy-to-find ingredients – all key to a popular cocktail.

Glass: Martini


50ml South African brandy
50ml rooibos tea
25ml sugar syrup
12.5ml ginger liqueur
1 teaspoon honey
A dash of bitters (optional)
Garnish: lemon twist

How to make sugar syrup:
Mix 1 part boiling water and 2 parts sugar, stir to dissolve and let it cool.


Chill a martini glass, shake brandy, Rooibos tea, honey, sugar syrup and ginger liqueur. Strain into martini glass, finish off with a lemon twist on top. Eugene recommends Butlers Ginger Liqueur

This is TOO yummy and ideal for sexy, cold winter nights.

see more on Brandy Fusion and other Cape Town trends here:



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