I am inspired

I am inspired by life, I am inspired by people who love life. I am inspired by moments which make life sweeter. Creativity inspires me, my spirituality and internal creation inspires me.

Nature, in all it’s wondrous glory, inspires me. The smell of the earth just after the rain, the scarlet sky when dusk is about to set in. The glow of the dew drops clinging to blades of grass when a new day arrives. The way the fresh sea breeze tingles down my spine. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks the way the surf meets the shore and retracts into the deep blue unknown.

Africa inspires me. Her valleys, her mountains, her rivers and streams. Her Marrakesh glow, her Lagos power, her Cairo fire, her Nairobi beat, her Cape Town majesty, her Kinshasa kisses. The vastness of her landscapes, the warmth of her people, the magic of her heartbeat.

I am inspired by style, fashion, le mode. I am inspired by music, the beat of tribal drums, the music in my soul playing untamed melodies. I am inspired by the time signature in which my spirit pulsates. The song in my heart inspires me.

I am inspired by people from various walks of life whose paths have fused with mine. The laughter of children playing in the park on a summer afternoon, the gleam in the eyes of my grandparents when they tell me of days gone by and simpler times. These beings, they inspire me to seek out the different avenues of humanity. They encourage me to change my thinking and step out of my comfort zone. To explore life. My eternal curiosity and wild spirit inspires me. Heart inspires me.

The love of my mother, strong, gentle, regal, unconditional. The love of my friends and family,their inner beauty, raw honesty, support & encouragement. The love of self, all encompassing and awe inspiring.

I am inspired by light, love and beauty.

I am inspired by reckless genius.

I am inspired by joy.


(Top image shot by Tunde Owolabi)



3 thoughts on “I am inspired

  1. I believe that being balanced and “in-touch” with oneself and ones surroundings is one of the keys to enjoying life to the maximum. You´ve obviously found that key. 🙂

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