Open letter by Mlungisi Xulu on Kenny Kunene

In response to Kenny Kunene’s letter to Zuma

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A short OPEN LETTER to all Comrades of the MDM, clarifying the miasmatic insolence of Kenny Kunene: (He lacks capacity)

Well, let me pervade you of the titillation, embedded in the eventual state of being a paragon of perfection in the ardent utmost utilization of logic, as an ANC inclined political activist. In idling times, one ought to augment the incessant purportion of being abreast, beauty par excellence, with the intellectual regime, and resist desolation yielding petulance, which fuels obliterated recusance, immiserating from expertise, lack thereof.

The apparent facade of people like Kenny Kunene obscuritly ornamented with deceit, parades ignobly brutish at the periphery of engagement with the astute. The inhibition of being prone to dilapidation through gratuitous advancement, is assuaged by solace of arbitrary brook, of perpetual research hence capacitation. Desisting dementing pawnship of the tyrannic degradation, one ought to forsake inimicality, conceit, enmity and animosity.

Accordingly so, let…

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