in her mary-janes

Where are you going in those Mary-Janes?
To the end of the street where the hipsters meet?
What are you doing?
Are you changing lanes?
Chasing broken side walks;
Running from dusty window panes?
Where does the road end?
Will you curtsey, will you bend?
What were you thinking?
Are you still the same?
Clocking B-boys with decoys and someone to blame;
Summer time Rizzlas, Winter time flames;
Perched on a park bench;
High on sweet kush and shame;
Daddy swear he love you;
Mommy don’t know you;
The make-up don’t make-up for what they don’t show you;
Pretty little pictures;
Developed negatives the world never sees;
Where do they find you?
Who will you be?
Strolling down main;
Zara bags full of pain;
Find a mirror, find yourself;
Walking in her Mary-Janes.



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