Hold me sweet, gentle soul of ebony;
Pierce my smile with your honest kiss;
Arms my fortress from spears of doubt;
Skin of cocoa greets my lips;
Welcomes me home to his kingdom of honey and soul;
Eye of a Pharaoh, heart of a king;
Beauty etched in his spirit;
Manifest for galaxies to behold;
Magic bestowed upon his golden hands;
Menagerie of visions likened to dreams;
Echoing goddesses of auld in his cortex;
Me in his head;
We in his confines;
Us through the vortex;
Warm to my touch;
Slivers of art and divine confluence;
Resonate, penetrate the beings of our desire;
Enchant me;
Possess me;
Love emperor of fire.



In Yoruba mythology, Oschun is a river-goddess (Orisha) who reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy. She is beneficient and generous, and very kind. She does, however, have a horrific temper, though it is difficult to anger her. She is married to Shango, the sky god, and is his favorite wife because of her excellent cooking skills. One of his other wives, Oba, was her rival. The Oschun river and the Oba river meet in a turbulent place with difficult rapids; their rivalry was symbolized in this intersection.

illustration by Thando Mbadi

illustration by Thando Mbadi


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