Toxic Facebook Friends: Tolerate, Hide or Defriend

To be honest I see a bit of myself in all of these characters LOOOOOOL!! So real.


Everyone and their grandmas are on this strange microcosm of humanity called Facebook. The social network sounds nice and idealistic — but it often changes people’s personalities, at least how they come across online. Reducing everything to photos, updates and check-ins distills a your wit and charm, but it can also bring out the worst — exaggerating eccentricities into full-on freakdom, turning endearing quirks into grating behaviors.

The result: Facebook is the world’s strangest party, with personalities that can make you lose your faith in humanity. Don’t let that happen — judicious hiding and defriending is the difference between a sane Facebook experience and the online version of Dante’s Tenth Circle of Hell. But who to tolerate, hide or… gasp, delete?

Lucky for you, I’ll break down the personality types, along with recommendations on whether to toleratehide or kill… I mean, defriend them. Don’t kill them… yet.

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