Mad Men Finale: 1968’s Fashion Revolution

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This season on Mad Men, we’ve seen groovier patterns, stranger facial hair, and a brighter color palette. This is no longer the Sterling Cooper of Season 1 with its darkened halls and muted suits. Costume designer Janie Bryant’s suit, dress, and even bikini choices have launched the audience into one of America’s most tumultuous years–1968–setting bolder and brighter designs against a backdrop of revolutions, riots and assassinations.

The women of Mad Men, in particular, have had a revolutionary year. In 1968, the women’s liberation movement reached a fever pitch with protests at the Miss America pageant and bra burnings. At Sterling Cooper & Partners, Joan and peggy are finally starting to grow into their positions of power, and their costumes are telling the story.

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Joan, who in previous seasons wore hyper-feminine outfits, has…

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