south african soul funk mix | listen


01. Phillip Mallela – Love Hangover
02. Spirits Rejoice – I’m So Strong Now (What Does It Matter)
03. The Shyannes – Osakai
04. The VIP’s – Bantu Bakithi
05. The Sound Diggers – He Went Back
06. The Moving Targets – Groovy Girl
07. Zorro Five – Good Books
08. E. Mbatha – My Friend
09. Letta Mbulu – Mahlalela (Lazy Bones) (S.A. only 45 version)
10. Herbert Xulu – Preasent Beat City
11. Phillip Mallela with J.B. Express – ??
12. Spirits Rejoice – Papa’s Funk
13. Pacific Express – The Way It Used To Be
14. Phillip Mallela – Tiba Kamo
15. Daffodils – Mzimhlophe Freeway
16. Carlos Dje Dje – Suffer
17. Spirits Rejoice – Happy And In Love
18. Batsumi – Anishilabi

The rhythm and raw soul in this mix, complete with rare music which can only be found in SA, aptly captures the spirit and colour of Mzantsi.

Love it so much.



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