Dear Pretty Girls On Facebook

Thought Catalog

Heyyyy ladies,

I just want to say, no matter what is said in this letter, we normal people have nothing but the utmost love and admiration for you. Any strange (or occasionally mean-spirited) things we may engage in are only a result of our festering jealousy over your ability to look so unbelievably good on a forum where physical beauty accumulates “likes” and supportive comments like an open jar of honey will attract flies. We are but lowly serfs, basking in the glow of your un-photoshopped loveliness, getting a contact high from your e-popularity.

I guarantee that, on more than one occasion, a girl you know either vaguely or intimately in real life has taken a picture (or several) from your near-endless supply of professional-quality profile pictures and shown it to another girl on some chat program and been like “What the fuck? How beautiful is this girl? I can’t…

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