Everyday the same, I remember the way things were, the affirmation of your name;

You were there.

Glancing back in retrospect, absorbed within myself;

Untamed, unripe;

Taken by what is and oblivious of what might,

Taking the sadist’s flight,

You were there.

Internal reflection, self-inflicted rejection, hypothetical projection;

What I thought was time’s sadistic deflection,

You were there.

Like a process of natural selection,

A cocoon existence, part of a greater plan or extended passive resistance?

Perennially dormant chemical transaction,

You were there.

Emulating silent infatuation,

Conceived supernova bouts of elation,

Diving tail last, head-first into oblivion,

Which atmosphere, which planet have I landed on?

Soaring on the surface , inevitably surpass…

You were there.







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