Finding An Ending

Simplistic. Beautiful. Power.


Finding an Ending

. . . so desperately anxious to do the wrong thing correctly.                   Saki (HH Munro)

Let’s walk away from home together.

Let’s try our hands at the traditional.

Let’s write a wish list and incinerate it.

Let’s live down the future and history

That society wrote when it filled out our forms.

Remember me while we assume each other’s steps.

Let’s complement

Let’s never compliment

Let’s find wild mint

Let’s rhyme lyricism

With cynicism

And motivate more words to be written

In our defense against the weekend

When there’s five more days to live for and through.

Let’s let a pudgy person’s passing smile be enough

To smile back

Thinking of tropes

And not thighs as our calves tire

And corns fester in soles.

Let’s go scan the block of another world.

Let’s turn obstacles into stepping stones.

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