An Ideal For Which I’m Prepared To Die , Nelson Mandela, 1918 – 2013

As South Africa and the world mourn the passing of one of the most prolific icons in history, we share the famous speech former president, a statement from the dock at the opening of his trial on charges of sabotage made at the Supreme court of South Africa, Pretoria on April 20 1964.

Humanity has lost a giant, may we continue to uphold and refine his legacy.


daughter of the district

She saw the iron dragons come.

Plunder and rape the sweat of founding fathers;

Where once she skipped on toffee apple smiles;

They trod, they broke, fire face reptiles;

Her people’s blood, wildly scattered on foundations of love;

She cried, she screamed, for all she dreamed would change that day the iron dragons came.


Written in honour of my grandparents and all of my people who were residents of the District as children and were part of the generation who were displaced due to the group areas act.

Our place has gone, but our people remain.


(images by District Six Museum and UCT District Six archives)



slay a nay sayer

Sock it to the man, lyrical sucker punch in the face;
Darwin had it planned, divide and conquer the weaker race.

Preserved in caves, centennial paper trails;
Labyrinths of art and long lost holy grails.

Sacred ochre stirs in the hearts of our boabab souls;
Conjuring ancient ghosts and black magic ghouls.

A tribe, a collective Hercules;
Sustain all strength to the powers that be.

For we, who is you and is me;
Glorious parts of a gregarious whole.

Community powered by verbal spears and hero seers;
Global warriors birthed, bred, unearthed, fearlessly led.

Ethereal blood lines, design our fate eternal;
We take up arms to those who deny us our destiny.

Slay a nay sayer.

GREATNESS. The cave in which we’re born to be.